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From the News


Karibu - welcome to Wabongo

As you may have presumed,, Wabongo is a site for all  Bongo people. We  encourage you to contribute (in thoughts, not necessarily money), connect with others, entertain and be entertained. Ideally, the wabongo site should give you ideas and motivation for development.

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Yes  - Wabongos are social beings. Enjoy, therefore, socializing and making connections to both new and current friends. Link up and socialize  even more.

You may place photos amd even video (links) on your profile. Obviously, you may also view and comment on multimedia content.

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You may be thinking, what is this wabongo thing really all about?!

Thinkers – perhaps you may have ideas for the development of Bongo or suggest a twist on the current issues. Isthere a way to frog-jump and get us into the well developed world?

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Debaters and Orators

Do you have a strong opinion?  Do you think that certain events are leading wabongo in a wrong direction or perhaps in fact in the right direction but just too slowly? Or do you just enjoy a good debate even if it means that you may occasionally have to play the devils advocate? Bring it on…

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Wabongo Inspiring

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Prez Debate

Written and Directed by my good friend Benito

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